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 FCT - Firewall Configuration Tool 



FCT generates executable scripts for the configuration of a single/multi -ported and single/multi -homed firewall or UNIX Host. You have to define only a minimal set of information to be able to secure a single host or setup a complex "screened subnet architecture" firewall with an excelent DMZ. You can also secure your host when it is configured as a general gateway with multiple external connections to different locations.

Both the config-files and generated scripts are easy to understand and can also be changed/setup by hand - e.g using vi when you are familiar with FCT. FCT is able to support and generate syntax for different ip-filters like ipfwadm, ipchains (Linux) and IP-Filter (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, most others too).

It is even possible to add the syntax of other ip-filters to FCT!
Maybe someone will add syntax for other routers (Cisco, Ascend) sometime?

Have a look at my Firewall Configuration Tool here.

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You can download the FCT-package firewallct-1.1.5.tar.gz under the terms of the GNU GPL.

For more Information, have a look at the man page (english) or the article (german) or the FCT-Mailing-List


I hope FCT will offer you some basic tasks for firewall configuration ...

(c) 1997 - Februar 2001 Jens Friedrich